The next phase of absolute insanity

This has to be some kind of joke

This has to be some kind of joke

The great people at, defenders of common sense and foes of emotional propaganda, posted an article recently that is starting to make me think that Ted Kaczynski might not have been wrong about everything. Apparently the Danish safety czars are actually promoting the use of helmets for pedestrians.

I’ll keep this brief because I don’t even know where to start. Pandora’s box is open, folks, and it all started with bike helmets. It appears that the Western world is hell bent on sucking all that is good and fun out of something as simple as biking and walking. This is living proof that if you allow one logic failure to prevail it will only give birth to new ones.

God help us.


3 responses to “The next phase of absolute insanity

  1. hi! thanks for bringing up this idea of too much…. too much worrying, too much thinking… I have rode my bike in chicago off and on for 8 years. when I had a crappy bike and no helmet I was okay, and didn’t worry. now that I have a nice bike and a helmet I am not sure, but I think I might be worrying more. you have def. got me thinking!

  2. The people who need helmets most are those barreling down the highway in cars. People ask how I can ride in Chicago traffic when it’s so “dangerous.” Meanwhile they speed down expressways while checking their iPhones and eating breakfast. I’m never so scared as when I have to be a passenger in a car on the highway.

  3. Agreed 100%, Dottie. Still, I’m fairly unshakable from my conclusions that a bike helmet is about as effective as keeping you safe from a vehicular collision as a tinfoil hat is at keeping your credit card information secure.

    Bike helmets are bad PR for cycling. As cycling advocates we need to be mindful of what image of bike commuting we are perpetuating when saddling up. Ultimately it’s a personal choice, but one that helmet advocates are making in a vacuum of misinformation and fear.

    The other day I saw a commuter wearing a helmet, blaze orange construction vest, and surgical mask. What kind of image of cycling is he putting forward? It’s not one that the average man will ever endorse…that much I’m sure of.


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