A different kind of bell

The Russian Soloflex

The Russian Soloflex

My reintroduction to daily biking started several months ago and the mental and physical benefits are without dispute.  After admittedly letting myself go for a few years my body is starting to bounce back.  Still, biking is largely a cardiovascular affair that offers a workout from the waist down.  I’ve already lost a few pounds, but any kind of upper body improvement requires different medicine.  My exercise demands are somewhat inflexible in that I refuse to go to a gym or invest in a lot of fancy-ass equipment.  My needs were answered with the introduction of some kettle bell exercises.

What is a kettle bell?  I usually refer to it as a Russian Soloflex;  in my case the “bell” is a 30 pound weight with a loop handle on it.   Years ago kettle bells were rare in Western gyms, but they’re becoming fairly common.  The philosophy behind kettle bells is radically different from weight training that most Americans would be familiar with.  Instead of isolating muscle groups the kettle bell combines the act of weight lifting with aerobic movements that simultaneously build agility and strength.

I started with a fairly simple routine of 10-15 minutes of kettle bell exercises every other day before I go to bed (don’t forget to stretch out before and after).  It seems the perfect complement to daily biking and matches my selfish desire to be cheap and different.  Try one out today!


2 responses to “A different kind of bell

  1. I need to do some exercise other than cycling, too. One day…

  2. I have one of those at my gym, but haven’t really figured out what to do with it! How about an instructional video? 🙂

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