Marek’s maiden voyage

Marek's maiden voyage

Click his chubby cheeks for the video!

Today the weather was awesome and allowed us to get Marek (15 months old) on the back of the bike for the first time.  The Bobike Maxi installed fairly easily on the Opa, though I did have to cut two bolts down so they didn’t poke into the skirt guards.  After “ze Boog’s” afternoon nap we took to the wet thawing streets of south Minneapolis.

Lake Harriet’s trails were nuts with bikers, walkers, runners, kids, and dogs.  Because one of the two trails was still frozen over, all the traffic was on one trail and running in both directions (aka chaos).  Minnesotans are usually stoic, law-abiding types so the lack of communal order sort of blew my spring buzz.  Similarly, some dude’s dog almost ran into Lisa’s bike and I managed to slip on a muddy slope (on foot) getting my pants really dirty.  Still, we persevered and Marek seemed to warm up to things.  He was “talking” a lot and making enthusiastic monkey noises for much of the trip.

The child seat works very well and I’d recommend the Bobike Maxi.  Of course, it will be hard to compare this seat to others as virtually all of my friends use trailers to haul their kids around.  Trailers might make parents feel safer, but it seems like a total jip to the kid who’d much rather be flying along with mom or dad on the bike itself.  It’s called WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  I also question the safety supremacy of trailers.

Happy spring, friends!


5 responses to “Marek’s maiden voyage

  1. Sweet, but he didn’t look all that happy in the beginning, probably didn’t know what’s gonna happen..

    Btw, I’ve collected some German links in a blog post in case you haven’t seen it already. In case I’ll find more, I’ll just add them.

  2. He had just gotten up and was not quite awake. After he work up things went better 🙂

    Thanks for the German links I’ll go check them out.

  3. Adorable! So great to see people going about their lives while using bikes – with children!!

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  5. я думаю: неподражаемо…

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