What do you wear?

Nothing fancy

Nothing fancy

Non-biking people often ask me what I wear in the winter, as if I must possess a warm water-reticulating suit or magical elf powers to survive the cold.  It’s quite simple really, and I pull it off without much assistance from modern fabrics with trademarked names, which suits my personal sense of aesthetics.

Below is a list of my morning winter accoutrement:

  1. Wax cotton jacket – a traditional English garment with a fold-up collar to keep your neck warm.  Great for blocking the wind.
  2. Boots – a pair of pull on sh*t-kickers to save my dress shoes for work.
  3. Wax cotton hunting cap – yes, I like wax cotton stuff. The cap is wool lined and has ear flaps.  Elmer Fudd is in the house.
  4. Wool toque – a Germany-military neck toque that can be used for almost anything.  It can cover your face, your neck, your ears…I don’t know what I’d do without it.
  5. Fleece glove liners & wool knit mittens – need I say more?
  6. Backpack – I use the backpack to protect my shoes and other items from the elements while biking, although the pack goes into my basket…much more comfy.

All of this goes over my work clothes, which consists of a suit and tie. I should also mention that studded tires are a must in cold climates during the Winter, but I’m going to save that topic for another day.

Stay warm my peeps.


3 responses to “What do you wear?

  1. Yes, wool, wool, and some more wool. And studded tires. Every now and then I wear my work clothes, but usually I leave all my suits at the office and change once I get there because suits are uncomfortable (weather on a bike or not) and drycleaning is expensive.

  2. Oops, I mean “whether” not “weather.”

  3. Big up to wool. And studs.

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